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When we say stop digging that is exactly what we mean-

We have now become a retailer for stop-digging meaning we now use the stop-digging ground screw for all of our garden studio’s and home office buildings we erect.

also if you have a garden building or shed instead of the process of digging a base and laying concrete we can shorten that time and effort and fit the ground screws.

Stop-digging demo


Thanks to our extensive expertise and our specialized equipment, we can offer fast and efficient installation in most soils types. The Stop Digging team will help you make the right choice for your project.

The benefits of our Ground Screws:

No need for digging or concreting
Quick installation – about 5 min / screw
Limited disruption to surroundings – no repair work needed to nearby tarmac, paving or gardens
Long-life – the screw is galvanized to prevent corrosion
Reduced time on site – less disruption to traffic and local environment
No need to carry heavy concrete to site
Competitive prices
Reusable – can be easily removed and reinstalled with same equipment.